Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Woot for Sam

A draft for the April issue of the Arizona magazine, Kids & Sports from the school.

Samantha Jenkins / Class of 2019 A Champion Schools student since Kindergarten, Samantha Jenkins is in the habit of getting it right. Her current third grade teacher, Mr. Allie, describes Samantha as, "a model student." The title is quite fitting since earlier this year Sam became the youngest student ever to attain both the Honor Roll and Student of the Week accolades. What makes her academic feat even more impressive is that Samantha achieved this award while competing in the Champion Schools 2nd-5th Grade Soccer Division and Kickball League. Sam's work ethic, focus and commitment towards perfection personify the Champion mindset and what Champion students strive to develop. She also has a younger brother, Timothy following in her footsteps.

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Karrot Soup said...

Yay for Sam -- I'm sure she's taking it right in stride, too. (And yay for her hard-workin' dad behind the scenes!)